Mayor Jensen Unveils City Budget Proposal for 2022

Mayor Jensen Unveils City Budget Proposal for 2022
September 10, 2021
Noblesville Economic Development

NOBLESVILLE, IN (September 10, 2021) – Mayor Chris Jensen presented the City of Noblesville’s 2022 Civil City budget plan at Thursday’s Finance Committee meeting. The proposed budget continues to focus on all four of his Policy Pillars and maintains continued focus on government modernization, cost containment, and proactive preservation of taxpayer-owned assets.  

“Our city is growing and with that growth comes a city budget strategically shaped to meet the needs of our increased capacity,” said Jensen. “We are now that 10th largest city in the state and it is our responsibility to plan a smart budget to meet that growth. We are fortunate to have healthy cash reserves, accumulated through many  years of growth in assessed valuation and prudent management of public funds for us to be able to invest back  into our community.” 

Jensen added, “With this budget, our revenues are projected to exceed ongoing expenses by $2.2 million. While the 2022 budget begins to spend down a portion of the City’s reserve balances, those balances remain very strong.  This budget proposal continues our emphasis on return on investment principles while allowing for bold  investments in Noblesville’s future in ways we had envisioned since this administration took office.” 

The Civil City Budget maintains a property tax rate of $1.10 per $100 of assessed value, which the city has held for three years. 

“I have had the opportunity to discuss the budget with the administration and I look forward to the official presentation on Tuesday,” Common Council President Darren Peterson said. “Our administration has worked hard  to put together a holistic budget that keeps our reserve balance strong while meeting the needs of our growing  community.” 

Several recommendations within the 2022 Civil City budget include: 

▪ $222,000 for dedicated trail maintenance and preservation program. 

▪ $50,000 for the first year of the residential façade grant program in the city’s historic districts.

▪ $280,000 for Old Town sidewalk repair and enhancement program. 

▪ Funding for a Police Annex building to provide dedicated space for the NobleAct program and other police personnel. 

▪ $6 million for prioritized capital projects including the local contributions for State Road 32 and 38  roundabouts, South 10th Street Trail, Levee Trail Phase II, and infrastructure improvements near 141st Street and Interstate 69. 

▪ Funding for replacement of TASERs for police officers. 

▪ Funding for three new police personnel and three new fire personnel to address increased service demands from a growing population. 

▪ Funding for Wellbeing Coalition initiatives based on findings and recommendations from the citywide  Wellbeing Survey. 

▪ Funding to complete the Riverside Cemetery Monument Restoration Project.

The Civil City Budget proposal will officially be introduced at the Noblesville Common Council meeting on Tuesday,  September 14.


About the City of Noblesville: Noblesville is the 10th largest city in Indiana, home to more than 69,600 residents, and the county seat in Hamilton County, Indiana. Just north of Indianapolis, the growing city is known for its nationally recognized public schools, extensive public park system, Hamilton Town Center, and the outdoor music venue Ruoff Music Center.

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