City of Noblesville and Hamilton County open Logan Street Bridge

January 6, 2020
Noblesville Economic Development

NOBLESVILLE, IN (January 6, 2020) – City of Noblesville and Hamilton County officials came together today to celebrate the completion of the Logan Street Bridge renovation. The joint project, which began construction in July 2018, widened the bridge over the White River to accommodate sidewalks on the north and south sides and constructed a new bridge deck. A 150-foot river overlook was added along the south side of the bridge.

“The overlook will provide a nice gathering spot for special events. And the new sidewalks will give pedestrians much safer access across the river, especially those walking between downtown, Riverwalk, and Federal Hill Commons.”

Steve Dillinger, president of the Hamilton County Commissioners

The Logan Street Bridge project, which includes new lighting to the railings, provides a more scenic and secure east-west connection from the Hamilton County Courthouse and Riverwalk Trail to Federal Hill Commons.

“The bridge rehabilitation provides pedestrians and bicyclists the opportunity to travel to and from our downtown without using streets while emphasizing the beauty of the White River and downtown Noblesville. Improving connectivity and extending downtown so the White River is an asset and not a barrier is key for Noblesville’s next chapter.”

Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen

The Logan Street Bridge project totaled $4.3 million with the City of Noblesville contributing $1.5 million toward the total cost.

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