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Our local and state governments are more than business-friendly. Because we recognize the importance of healthy, growing businesses to our economy, we see companies as our partners in serving the community. That’s why Noblesville and the State of Indiana have decided to offer an array of incentives and grants to companies that choose to locate or grow here.

We recognize that our community already offers many advantages to business, from our highly-accessible location to our skilled workforce, to a vibrant lifestyle — but we see these programs that help companies thrive as one more great reason to choose Noblesville, Indiana.

State of Indiana, Hamilton County, & Noblesville Tax Incentives

Noblesville tax incentives
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Noblesville Local Incentives

Tax Abatements

A tax abatement is a reduction or exemption of real estate property taxes for an allotted period of time. A tax abatement can be granted from several months up to 10 years. Abatements are often used as a tool to revitalize or stimulate economic growth within certain property boundaries. For additional information regarding tax abatements, please reference IC 6‐1.1‐12.1.


TIF or Tax Increment Financing is a tool used to stimulate growth and economic development in a specific area. TIF takes newly assessed property taxes from a new development to finance and incentivize new development/ redevelopment projects in the same area. For more information on TIF, please reference IC 36-7-14, IC 36-7-25, IC 36-7-11.9, and IC 36-7-12.

Land Grants

The City has the ability to offer city-owned property as a grant for projects.

Workforce Grants

Workforce grants are made available on a discretionary basis. Factors that drive decisions on workforce grants include but are not limited to: targeted industry, occupation skills, wages, and more.

Forgivable Loans

The City can provide an up-front cash loan, which is then forgivable after a period of time and once certain project and performance commitments have been met.

Indiana Regional Incentives

Certain businesses may also qualify for additional incentives, including the following: Foreign Trade Zone Companies that import or re-export can realize substantial time and financial savings via the Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), a federal program designed to support American business and job growth.

In just a 30-minute conversation with your CFO or CEO, an FTZ consultant is able to gather the data required to produce a feasibility study/cost-benefit analysis, and it is free to you. INzone ( or 317-487-7200), Central Indiana’s FTZ Grantee Administrator, pays for the study and helps connect you to qualified consultants.

In an FTZ, your company could experience these benefits:

  • Duty Savings – Imports may be admitted and held in an FTZ without paying U.S. Customs duties.
  • Flexibility – All merchandise, whether domestic or foreign, may be placed in an FTZ. Within an FTZ users can mix, manipulate, test, clean, sample, salvage, process, display, repair, destroy, assemble, and manufacture merchandise and goods.
  • Zone-to-Zone Transfer – Items can be transferred between zones without being subjected to taxes.
  • Duty Rate Choice – FTZ users can pay the duty rate applicable to either the raw materials or the finished products manufactured from the raw materials, depending upon which is lower.
  • Shelf-Life – Items can be stored indefinitely in an FTZ, unlike a bonded warehouse.
  • Labeling – No country-of-origin labels are required on merchandise admitted to the FTZ.
  • Quota / Supply Chain Efficiency – Zone users can bring in bulk shipments and store quota goods in an FTZ until the next quota period allows for importation and distribution into the U.S.

State of Indiana Incentives

Indiana Promotes Your Growth, Innovation, and Profits.

We offer many business tax incentives, corporate tax credits, and economic development programs for companies creating new jobs and investments in Indiana. Our state business tax structure is also very competitive. Indiana’s corporate income tax has decreased from 6.5% in previous years to 4.9%. Indiana has a flat state corporate tax rate on adjusted gross income and no gross receipts tax or inventory tax. 

View all the state investments available or click on the incentive topics below to learn more:

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Business Climate

As the 10th largest city in Indiana, Noblesville serves as a regional business, manufacturing, and innovation hub.

Cost of Doing Business

Business-focused efforts have helped our community and state grow strong.

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View our detailed listing of tax rates for the City of Noblesville.

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Indiana incentives and grants for companies that choose to locate or grow here.

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Utilities & Rates

Noblesville utility costs are surprisingly low compared to the rest of the nation.

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Emerging Industries

Life Science Innovation, Health Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing are just a few of our seven market sectors successfully growing and expanding in our community.

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