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Noblesville Workforce Development

A Well-Balanced Workforce

Known as a city where top skilled talent is cultivated and cared for, Noblesville is a strong proponent of workforce development programs. From distinguished STEM programming in K-12 school system to some of the top 2 and 4-year engineering, medical, and technology colleges, we offer life-long professional development and hands-on training opportunities for our workforce. It’s with this workforce in mind, we strive to develop the type of living that attracts and retains the best talent where, no matter who they are or what they enjoy, Noblesville is the right fit.

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The Noblesville Workforce Development Strategy

We are an economically innovative community built on a dynamic, job-ready workforce that continues to adapt as industry evolves.

Our mission is to cultivate an ecosystem of community stakeholders to grow a diverse workforce through thought leadership, strategic development, and economic growth. We accomplish this with a systematic, data-driven approach by engaging with state, county, and local government and business leaders to understand their specific needs.

Noblesville workforce development

Key Industries

Life science

Life Science Innovation

Health tech

Health Technology

Advanced manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

Wholesale trade

Wholesale Trade

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Professional, Technical, & Financial Services

Workforce Statistics

Education Attainment

Workforce Partnerships

Noblesville schools

Noblesville Schools

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Noblesville Chamber of Commerce

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WorkOne Noblesville

Ivy tech

Ivy Tech Hamilton County

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Invest Hamilton County

Indy partnership

Indy Partnership

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Indy Chamber

Military branches

The U.S. Armed Forces

Conexus Indiana

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Indiana Economic Development Corp.

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Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development

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Noblesville Workforce Development

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Noblesville's approach to workforce development?

Noblesville is dedicated to cultivating a dynamic, job-ready workforce that adapts to evolving industries. Our approach involves collaboration with community stakeholders, thought leadership, strategic development, and economic growth initiatives.

How does Noblesville engage with government and business leaders to achieve its workforce development goals?

We utilize a systematic, data-driven approach to engage with state, county, and local government as well as business leaders to understand their specific workforce needs. This engagement is crucial for tailoring our strategies and programs effectively.

What are the key industries supported by Noblesville's workforce development efforts?

Noblesville focuses on several key industries, including Life Sciences, Health Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, Wholesale Trade, Professional, Technical, and Financial Services, among others.

What are the workforce partnerships in Noblesville?

We have established strong workforce partnerships with organizations such as Noblesville Schools, Noblesville Chamber of Commerce, WorkOne Noblesville, Ivy Tech Hamilton County, Invest Hamilton County, Indy Partnership, Indy Chamber, the U.S. Armed Forces, Conexus Indiana, Indiana Economic Development Corp., and the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development.

These partnerships play a vital role in our efforts to build a thriving workforce ecosystem in Noblesville.

In Noblesville, our commitment to Noblesville Workforce Development ensures that our city remains a hub for talent and innovation.

The Noblesville Economic Development team is dedicated to establishing and nurturing long-term partnerships with businesses. We provide a range of resources and assistance to help businesses thrive in Noblesville.


Located at the Crossroads of America, we’ve become a Tier 1 industrial market to the likes of Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles which is attractive to larger users and developers seeking competitive workforce labor and lower land costs.

Patrick Chittenden

Noblesville has a very attractive list of attributes including the school system, quality of life, and housing costs. In addition, cost of living, logistics, and transportation advantages led Blue Sky Commerce to Noblesville.

Todd Irwin

People want to live and work in an attractive area. When you consider things like jobs, affordability, livability, and quality of the schools – Noblesville is a no-brainer.

Ryan Baker
Senior Director

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Choose Noblesville

Noblesville is a city where COMMERCE, CULTURE, and COMMUNITY are alive with a vibrancy that intersects at the Heart of It All.

Quality Control

Quality of Life

Noblesville offers a quality of life abundant with local and regional amenities.

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We have multiple bodies of water and trails for the outdoor nature lover.

Recreation in Noblesville



With a rich history as one of the oldest and most established cities in Hamilton County, we have an idyllic and unique community. 

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The City of Noblesville and the State of Indiana are home to several world-renowned healthcare systems.

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Nationally Recognized

Noblesville Schools

Top Talent


Crossroads of America


Relocating to Noblesville?

Business Climate

As the 10th largest city in Indiana, Noblesville serves as a regional business, manufacturing, and innovation hub.

Cost Of Business

Cost of Doing Business

Business-focused efforts have helped our community and state grow strong.

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Indiana incentives and grants for companies that choose to locate or grow here.

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Utility Rates

Utilities & Rates

Noblesville utility costs are surprisingly low compared to the rest of the nation.

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Emerging Industries

Life Science Innovation, Health Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing are just a few of our seven market sectors successfully growing and expanding in our community.

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Available Properties

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What We Do

We are dedicated to serving and growing Noblesville businesses by building long-term partnerships.

Business Retention

Business Retention & Expansion

Noblesville has several initiatives to help grow your business.

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Outstanding employment opportunities draw highly-skilled individuals to our area.

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Featured Developments

Noblesville has a diverse collection of new and soon-to-be-developed mixed-use properties for prospective businesses. See an overview of some of our key development projects:

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