Highly-cooperative, low-cost government

Government can either get in the way of doing business, or it can make business easier. Noblesville’s elected officials and government agencies clearly understand the value a healthy business community provides. That’s why they work cooperatively to help businesses have the resources they need to grow, and to ensure that growing companies don’t face roadblocks.

Those local attitudes are bolstered by a strong county government and Indiana’s reputation as a business-friendly state.

Attentive approaches and business-focused efforts (such as right-to-work status) have helped our community and state grow strong. While we have comparatively low taxes, Indiana has been able to maintain a AAA credit rating.

The City of Noblesville has earned an outstanding AA rating from Standard and Poor’s. Add in affordable land and buildings and low workers’ comp rates, and it’s easy to see what brings so many companies here — and why they prosper.

Noblesville Facts & Rankings

  • Indiana is a Right To Work State
  • Noblesville Tax Rate Map by County (IN.gov/dlgf)
    • Noblesville Township 2022 District Rate 1.8840
    • Noblesville City 2.7717
    • Noblesville Delaware- HSE 2.6857
    • Noblesville Wayne 2.7088
    • Noblesville Fall Creek 2.6758
  • Indiana Unemployment Insurance
    • New employer rate: 2.5%
    • Taxable wage base: 9,500
  • Indiana Workers Compensation
  • Wages & Labor Force


Bond Rating from S&P


Corporate Income Tax

(Indy partnership)


Indiana Personal Income Tax

(of federal adjusted gross income)


Corporate Capital Gains Tax


Personal Capital Gains Tax


Hamilton County Residents




Hamilton County Tax Rate


State Income Tax


Indiana Sales Tax

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