Skilled workers draw demanding industries

Noblesville’s industrial base offers excellent diversity, minimizing the negative impacts of economic swings. In recent years, we’ve seen particular growth within industries that require a higher level of skills among workers. Our education and location resources support those industries.

We also have a significant number of residents with the skills needed by corporate, regional, and district offices.

Our area is well-suited for companies in all aspects of life sciences, including medical device development and manufacturing, and research and development. It is a fit for all aspects of advanced manufacturing, such as robotics, precision machining, fabrication, and automotive parts. 

Many relocating companies note their reason for choosing Noblesville:

  1. Quality of Life
  2. Cost of Living
  3. Thriving Economy
  4. Ease of doing business
  5. Low cost of doing business
  6. Convenient transport for import/ export and commute
  7. Available land and room for expansion
  8. Reasonably priced land in comparison to the US average
  9. Existing business community
  10. Growing workforce with continued secondary education and partnerships through Ivy Tech, Purdue University, and Indiana University

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City’s Population

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Labor Force Participation

Life science

Noblesville Industry

Life Science Innovation

“A Healthy Look Forward”

With the rapid evolution of complex modalities, the Life Sciences sector continues to grow in the State of Indiana and the City of Noblesville. With the current pace of change being unprecedented, we’re finding record VC financing in the Life Sciences Innovation sector, specifically in gene/ cell therapy, Biopharma, and Consumer Health companies.

With the R&D pipeline growing 10% each year, the Cell and Gene Therapy demand exceed the supply. ~70% or more of the pipeline will require advanced technology and manufacturing solutions, making the need for growth imperative. Key industry trends are driving robust demand for outsourced development and manufacturing CROs and CDMOs. “In 2021, the State of Indiana had more than 12.7B in pharmaceutical manufactured exports, up roughly 20% from 2020, ranking us the 3rd highest in the nation” (BioCrossroads and State HS Database).

Noblesville is a short drive to Chicago, the #3 health tech startup community, home of 422 Health Tech company headquarters. With a very similar Midwest climate, Noblesville offers the affordability, smart growth, and appeal of urban/suburban quality of life unmatched in the area.

Additional key emerging areas for growth in the life science sector in our city include:

  • Radiopharma
  • CDMOs
  • CROs
  • Diagnostics Testing
  • Radio Isotopes
  • Therapeutic Innovation
  • Biopharma
  • Gene / Cell Therapies

Noblesville Industry

Health Technologies

With the health and Life Science sectors continued growth, the need for the ongoing design, manufacturing, and distribution of health technologies within the proximity of cross-sector clients/ partners is imperative for the continued growth and demand. As a part of Noblesville’s 2022 focus, Life Sciences Innovation, Health Technologies, and Advanced Manufacturing, all interconnected markets continue to grow and thrive in our community.

The Indianapolis area is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of the Midwest. Our City has multiple local and internationally known health technology companies, growing, expanding, and leading the way in tech and medical device manufacturing. From designers to manufacturers, diagnostics, therapy, and patient health monitoring. With modalities becoming more and more complex, our goal is to bring in health, life sciences, and technology companies that can work together, and complement each other’s work in our state. Our city’s made a large investment toward the creation of Innovation Mile, a 200-acre, a one-mile-long campus dedicated as a home to companies in these market sectors. For more information on this development, please contact us here.

Current Life Science Innovation & Health Technology Industry Leaders:

  • Curium
  • Nexxt Spine
  • Ambu, Inc.
  • Therametrics Technologies
  • Helmer Scientific
  • B Medical Systems
  • GE Ambassador
  • AKT Medical
  • Enochs
  • VBM Medical
  • Verdure Sciences
Health technology
Advanced manufacturing

Noblesville Industry

Advanced Manufacturing

“Where Business Gets Done”

The intersection of brilliant minds and hard work drives our global economy. For every $1 spent in manufacturing, another $2.74 is added to the economy. As the highest multiplier effect of any economic sector, it makes the Noblesville of tomorrow the perfect place to take root. With the rapid evolution of today’s ever-improving technology and high consumer demands, Advanced Manufacturing has become prevalent across the world to meet consumer needs. Since Advanced Manufacturing is so diverse and categorized as a need across several markets for its mass production, it’s an ever-growing market sector.

Our City has multiple Advanced Manufacturing facilities serving both our community and across the US. With Noblesville’s convenient location and easy access to several modes of transport, it’s an ideal location to manufacture, export, and have the opportunity for future expansion efforts.

Current Advanced Manufacturing Industry Leaders:

  • SMC
  • Borg Warner
  • IDI Composites
  • MPP Innovations
  • Index Corporation
  • Noble Industries
  • Metro Plastics
  • Gared Holdings, LLC

Noblesville Industry

Wholesale Trade

The Wholesale Trade Industry is the glue that holds many industries’ supply chains together. Continuing to grow in high demand, the need for companies like this throughout the Midwest is crucial. Many of our wholesale companies use means of intermodal logistics and have the need for easy regional transportation, which the state of Indiana and the City of Noblesville easily provide.

The City of Noblesville is home to several wholesale trade companies including:

  • JDS International
  • Breakers Unlimited
  • Texon Towel
  • Old Castle
  • Jackson & Associates
  • Cable Tie Express
  • Intrametco
  • Fastenal
Wholesale trade
Professional financial services

Noblesville Industry

Professional & Financial Services

The professional, technical, and financial services industry is composed of organizations that provide services that require a high degree of expertise and training from their workforce. Our city’s Professional and Financial Services encompass an array of various businesses and companies throughout the city. This sector covers legal, accounting, architectural, engineering, design, computer systems design, advertising, insurance carriers, funds, trusts, securities, commodity contracts, credit intermediation, monetary authorities, etc.

Our City’s Professional and Financial service leaders include:

  • Blue Sky Commerce
  • Miller Consulting Group
  • Performance Marketing Group
  • Golars Environmental Engineering
  • Private Capital Management
  • Church, Church Hittle & Antrim
  • RZ Automation
  • Primerica
  • 12 Star Media

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As the 10th largest city in Indiana, Noblesville serves as a regional business, manufacturing, and innovation hub.

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