Noblesville Receives Indiana Statewide Cultural Districts Program Designation

December 12, 2016
Noblesville Economic Development

Noblesville Mayor John Ditslear is pleased to announce that the Indiana Arts Commission has named the city to the Indiana Statewide Cultural Districts Program. The statewide designation will provide recognition to advance Noblesville’s emphasis on the creative community and the arts as it related to tourism, downtown revitalization, and preservation.

“We are extremely proud and excited to receive the Indiana Statewide Cultural District designation. We have a wonderful partnership with local artists and cultural organizations and appreciate their hard work to create the Noblesville Cultural Arts District. This designation will enhance our cultural arts, attract more guests to our downtown, and further impact our community.”

Mayor Ditslear

Noblesville joins fellow Cultural District communities of Bloomington, Carmel, Columbus, Lafayette, Madison, and Nashville, each known for their strong arts and cultural appeal. The recent decision also makes Hamilton County the only county in Indiana with two designations.

“Hamilton County has created a regional draw through the support and high importance our communities have placed on cultural arts and making artistic outlets and attractions.”

Mayor Ditslear

The Noblesville Common Council established the city’s cultural arts district recommendation from the Noblesville Arts Council in August. The district goal was two-fold: capture as many cultural arts assets as possible, and keep the size of the district manageable. The district includes the city’s newest cultural amenity and public park, Federal Hill Commons which will anchor the west side of the downtown, and the Cultural Arts District with an amphitheater nestled against the White River. The district also stretches into the residential area considered “Old Town” to capture Logan Street Sanctuary, local artist residences, in-home studios, and Seminary Park. Noblesville Economic Development Assistant Director Alaina Shonkwiler said the residential area is crucial to the distinct, creative character of the district and to sustain a strong, lasting connection to the community. The district encompasses approximately 50 square blocks in downtown Noblesville.

“The Noblesville Cultural Arts District is defined by its people, places, and experiences. The weaving of these assets and their integration in the downtown area offers a concentration of initiatives that create engagement and preserve the uniqueness of Noblesville and provides destination pockets that naturally lead you to discover the artistic elements of our community.”

Noblesville Economic Development Assistant Director Alaina Shonkwiler

The district designation impacts more than just the arts industry as it makes Noblesville a more vibrant community and attracts residents and tourists who also support adjacent businesses such as restaurants, lodging, and retail.

“There is a definite connection between the local economy and enhanced art and culture sector. When intersected, it frames a community foundation that further expands Noblesville’s competitive edge. Defining, enhancing, and promoting our cultural assets allows us to attract today’s workforce, one that seeks certain characteristics about where they choose to live and work.”

Noblesville Economic Development Director Judi Johnson

While the official designation of the Noblesville Cultural Arts District does not come with public funding, it gives Noblesville a statewide platform to share the importance of local arts and culture as a key component of local economic development, tourism, and quality of life. For more information about the Indiana Statewide Cultural Districts Program, contact Paige Sharp at 317-232-1279 or email An overview of the program may be found here.

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