Noblesville Breaks Ground On Midland Trace Trail

March 31, 2017
Noblesville Economic Development

Noblesville officials broke ground today on its first phase of the Midland Trace Trail, a 12-foot-wide multi-use path that will connect Westfield’s portion of the trail at Gray Road east to Hazel Dell Road. The project increases Noblesville’s trail availability and connectivity and accomplishes the goal of making the city more walkable.

Mayor breaks ground on midland trace trail

“Our network of trails are becoming the arteries pumping life throughout our community by getting people outdoors, getting them active, and getting them where they need to go without a car,” said Noblesville Mayor John Ditslear. “This trail is especially important as it connects Noblesville directly with our neighbors. Through the Midland, residents can travel to Westfield and connect with the Monon Trail to Carmel and Indianapolis.”

Noblesville Mayor John Ditslear

Joining Noblesville for the groundbreaking was Westfield Mayor Andy Cook and other city officials. The two mayors “passed the shovel” as Westfield completed its 3.75-mile portion in November 2016 that runs from Gray Road to Union Street. They are continuing their portion further west to connect with the Monon Trail.

“This is an exciting time for our two communities,” said Cook. “The Midland connection with Noblesville will give our residents the ability to more easily travel between Westfield and Noblesville for generations to come. We are proud to join with Mayor Ditslear and his team as they begin this important project.”

Westfield Mayor Andy Cook

The Midland Trace Trail project follows along the abandoned “Midland” Central Railway corridor (approximately 0.2 miles south of State Road 32).  The first phase will provide a new family-friendly amenity near current and developing housing divisions, Hazel Dell Elementary School, and the Field of Dreams baseball park. This portion of the Midland Trace Trail also creates a connection with the Little Chicago Road Trail, the second of three new trails that will begin construction in 2017 with the Levee Trail being the third. Meanwhile, the Riverwalk project, in partnership with Hamilton County, will be completed this fall.

Plans for the Midland include a second phase to extend the trail east to Willowview Road, with a third phase that would connect with the potential Pleasant Street extension from Hague Road to cross Cicero Creek and the White River and beyond State Road 37. The project also will create a trailhead on the west side of Hazel Dell Road.

Midland trace trail logo

“This area will be unlike any other location on the Midland. The trailhead will include restrooms, a water fountain, parking, benches, and a bike repair and air station,”

Noblesville Mayor John Ditslear

The ceremony also kicked off the Noblesville Police Department’s enhanced Bike Patrol. The patrol began in 1996 with six officers. Today, the department has new specialized bicycles and equipment for its team of 15 officers. Bicycles will be accessible on police vehicles to allow the officers to travel along trails, alleys, and subdivisions. Their presence also will be seen at special events throughout the city.

“The bike patrol makes officers more accessible and available to the public,” said Jowitt. “Being on bicycles provides officers with access to areas that vehicles cannot travel. With the creation of more than 84 miles of trails in Noblesville, we want to have a presence and ensure those using our paths are safe.”

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