Incentives structured around your success

Our local and state governments are more than business-friendly. Because we recognize the importance of healthy, growing businesses to our economy, we see companies as our partners in serving the community. That’s why Noblesville and the State of Indiana have decided to offer an array of incentives and grants to companies that choose to locate or grow here. We recognize that our community already offers many advantages to business, from our highly-accessible location, to our skilled workforce, to a vibrant lifestyle — but we see these programs that help companies thrive as one more great reason to choose Noblesville, Indiana.


We use tax phase-ins to exempt portions of the new or increased assessed value resulting from a company’s investment in real and personal property. Phase-ins range from 1 to 10 years, with the total amount of new assessed value exempt from paying property tax in Year 1.

Real Property

Personal Property


Our Fast-Track Permitting process provides a single point of contact throughout the qualifying/permitting process to facilitate meetings and act as an information conduit for qualifying businesses.


Duke Energy offers two incentive riders to enhance economic development through reductions in electric rates for use of brownfield sites, major expansions and new businesses.


This program provides 50/50 matching grants to stimulate downtown investment, maintain and expand the economic contribution of the Central Business District, and promote architectural appreciation and initiate aesthetic improvements in downtown Noblesville.


The Hamilton County Economic Development Corporation provides guidance and assistance to new and existing businesses, along with training discounts, and assistance in navigating State incentives.


SKILLS ENHANCEMENT FUND. Eligible new and expanding companies can receive reimbursement of up to 50 percent of eligible training costs.

HEADQUARTERS RELOCATION TAX CREDIT (HQRTC).  Provides a tax credit to corporations that relocate their headquarters to Indiana.  The credit is assessed against the corporation’s state tax liability.

INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT GRANT FUND. Assistance is available for publicly-installed infrastructure leading up to the company’s property.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FOR A GROWING ECONOMY. Tax credits are based on the additional employee payroll withholdings for net new job creation for a period of up to 10 years.

INDUSTRIAL RECOVERY SITE TAX CREDIT. Credits are available for rehabilitating some buildings that have been empty for the previous two years.

PATENT INCOME TAX EXEMPTION.  Certain income derived from qualified patents and earned by a taxpayer are exempt from taxation.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT INCENTIVES.  The state of Indiana offers two tax incentives targeted at encouraging investments in research and development.

VENTURE CAPITAL INVESTMENT TAX CREDIT. A non-refundable tax credit available to qualified applicants that provide investment capital to qualified Indiana businesses.

SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER. The SBDC provides free and low-cost information, management counseling, and educational services to support small business owners and potential entrepreneurs.

PERMITTING ASSISTANCE. The IEDC can minimize the amount of time spent on regulatory compliance by serving as a liaison between the company and communities, local economic development organizations and regulatory agencies.

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