Noblesville Council Approves Funding Design of Pleasant Street Corridor

January 28, 2017
Noblesville Economic Development

The Noblesville Common Council took preliminary steps at tonight’s meeting to move forward on the east-west corridor along Pleasant Street. The council unanimously approved the use of $2.75 million from the Rainy Day Fund to create a preliminary design of the project and the use of $1 million for land acquisition as properties enter the market.

“The funding provides my administration with the ability to prepare preliminary designs for the Pleasant Street corridor in order to evaluate and consider the footprint of the project’s impact,” Ditslear said. “Until we complete this initial design, we’re unable to make any decisions about the potential route, which leaves our residents in limbo. We owe it to them to move forward.”

Following a year-long period of discussions with local and county officials, the City held a public meeting at City Hall on December 13, 2016 to present a summary of the alternative route analysis. Administration announced its recommendation that Pleasant Street serve as the primary route for the east-west corridor in accordance with the City of Noblesville Thoroughfare Plan that was approved in 1995.

The new funding would allow for a preliminary design and field survey of the route, assessments of environmental and utility impacts and impacts to adjoining properties in relation to proposed cross sections, as well as roadway and trail design – to be coordinated with relevant utility companies, Hamilton County and other government agencies.

City engineers anticipate the project will encompass 3-4 lanes of a low-speed urban roadway that would run alongside the Midland Trace Trail once that project moves east and connects with Pleasant Street.

“On every project, a preliminary design is essential to not only assess its impacts but to engage utility companies and to refine costs and alternatives. This funding will enable the City of Noblesville to establish a centerline corridor from State Road 37 to Hague Road and provide us more detail on the project,” said John Beery, city engineer.

Meanwhile, city officials continue to study the area for its historical significance in anticipation of launching the design phase. Noblesville Deputy Mayor Steve Cooke met with Noblesville historian David Heighway and an official from Indiana Landmark to drive the potential route along Pleasant Street.

“We’ve said all along that this road project will present many challenges – but it will create opportunities as well,” said Cooke. “We can work together to help minimize threats to our local history. And to make sure we do this project in a way that improves connectivity and safe access for nearby residents using multiple modes of transportation.”

Additional public meetings will be scheduled throughout 2017 to gather feedback from residents and further educate the public as the design and planning process continues.

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