Fast Growing Company Announces Plans to Expand in Noblesville

July 8, 2020
Noblesville Economic Development

NOBLESVILLE, IN (July 8, 2020) – Trucent, one of North America’s fastest-growing fluid separation technology companies, announced its plan to grow its CentraSep Technologies operations in Noblesville.

Trucent’s CentraSep Technologies will occupy 44,000-square-foot inside a new building on Bergen Boulevard – along the same road of its current 18,000-square-foot location, which is expected to open in early 2021. The new facility and operations expansion will allow the company to create 11 new medium- to high-paying jobs beyond its existing 18 employees. In addition, Trucent is planning for $2M in capital investment over the next three years to match its continued growth.

In addition to the support received from the City of Noblesville, Trucent’s CentraSep Technologies group recognized that this location keeps them in a position near long-time key suppliers and customers.

“Deciding to keep our roots here in the Noblesville was made very simple given the amount of effort from the city. The City of Noblesville engaged in extensive personal outreach to discuss our needs and has been doing everything in their power to streamline the building process. The city’s commitment to our business puts us in a great position to grow and bring new jobs to the community.”

Jeff Beattey, vice president of the Trucent CentraSep Technologies group

Mayor Chris Jensen also credited the Noblesville Common Council for its vision for infrastructure in that part of the city to facilitate business growth in the technical manufacturing sector.

“We are excited for Trucent’s growth. Our city cares about its existing businesses and wants to collaborate with them so they are successful and will choose to remain and expand in our community. CentraSep Technologies in an innovator in their industry and we are happy that they call Noblesville home.”

Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen

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